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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Super Junior Vol.3 - Sorry Sorry ( Album )

Here is the latest album
from da 13 form member korean group
Super Junior
" Sorry SOrry "
same name from their single
that is very hot and i can say its the 1st time
i like an album from them
so u have to check it out
cuz its more R&B Pop!!!
Special listen for
Sorry Sorry , RESET , Monster & Why I Like U!!

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o1. Sorry Sorry .o1
o2. Why I Like U .o2
o3. Let's Not .o3
o4. Angela .o4
o5. RESET .o5
o6. Monster .o6
o7. What If .o7
o8. Hearth Quake ( Feat Miki & Yunho ) .o8
o9. Club No 1 .o9
1o. Happy Together .1o
11. Dead @ Heart .11
12. Shinin' Day .12

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