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Monday, 29 September 2008

Se7en - Them Girls ( New US Single 2008 )

Here is the new US single
from Se7en ( Korean singer )
it's called " Them Girls "
and produced by DarkChild!
Can't wait for the US album!
Enjoy it

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

DBSK - Mirotic ( Album )

Here is the 4th DBSK korean album
called " Mirotic "
After 2 years waitin , it's finally out
and it worth the wait
it's burna
Just Check it out & enjoy!

PS : the track in yellow are the one
i advise you to listen to first!
( they have a single download link
by clickin on the title )

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. Mirotic .o1
o2. Wrong Number .o2
o3. Look... At The Glow .o3
o4. Crazy Love .o4
o5. HEY! Don't Bring Me Down .o5
o6. You're My Song .o6
o7. Rainbow .o7
o8. Paradise .o8
o9. Are You A Good Girl .o9
1o. Flower Lady .1o
11. Jaejong Solo .11
12. Love In The Ice ( Korean Vers. ) .12

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Shinee - The Shinee World ( Album )

Here is the debut album
from Shinee
featuring their 2 singles
" Replay "
" Love Like Oxygen "
( my fav one by the way )
Check it out!

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. Shinee World .o1
o2. Love's Way.o2
o3. Love Like Oxygen .o3
o4. Romantic.o4
o5. One For Me .o5
o6. Graze .o6
o7. Last Gift .o7
o8. Best Place .o8
o9. Four Seasons .o9
1o. Y Si Fuera Ella .1o
11. In My Room .11
12. Replay .12

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Shinee - Love Like Oxygen ( Video + MP3 )

Here is the 2nd single

from Shinee
it's called " Love Like Oxygen "
and its my fav song
from their debut album
Check it out!

==> [ Download It ] <==

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Boa's 1st US Single ( Gossip )

Here is the info :
Boa ( Famous Korean Singer )
will release her 1st US single
this october 7th on i-Tunes!
Be Sure to have it here on time

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Minwoo Feat Big Tone - Don't Trust Men ( Video+MP3 )

Here is the first video
off Minwoo's 4th album
" M Rizing "
it's called " Don't Trust Men "
featuring Big Tone!
Check it Out!

==> [ Download Da Single ] <==

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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Lee Min Woo - M Rising ( Album )

Here is the 4th album
from Lee Min Woo
It's called " M Rizing "
and it's burna
My Fav Track is " Tempt My Honey "
Feat Yoobin
Just Check it Out!

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. I'm Here .o1
o2. Don't Trust Men ( Feat Big Tone ) .o2
o3. I "M" U ( Feat Mighty Mouth ) .o3
o4. Ask For Forgiveness .o4
o5. So Hot ( Feat Son Dambi ) .o5
o6. Wonderful Life .o6
o7. Masquerade ( Feat Big Tone ) .o7
o8. Wink Show .o8
o9. Tempt My Honey ( Feat Yoobin Of Wonder Girls ) .o9
1o. Sad Song .1o
11. Enamored's Girl .11
12. My Space ( M Epilogue ) .12

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DBSK - Mirotic ( Video + MP3 )

Here is the new video single
from DBSK ( Dong Ban Shan Ki )
It's called Mirotic
and it's burna
By the way their 4th Korean Album
will release on September 29th
So Stay Tuned!

==> [ Download Mirotic MP3 ] <==

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Lee Hyori - It's Hyorish ( Album )

Here is the 3rd album
from Lee Hyori
It's called " It's Hyorish "
and it's burna
her two singles " U-Go-Girl "
& " Hey Mr.Big "
Check it out!

==> [ Download Album ] <==


o1. Invicible Hyori .o1
o2. Lesson .o2
o3. U-Go-Girl .o3
o4. Photo Album .o4
o5. Heaven For Child .o5
o6. Don't Cry .o6
o7. Love Song ( Feat Big Tone ) .o7
o8. Sexy Boy ( Feat Shinwa ) .o8
o9. Red Car .o9
1o. Hey Mr. Big .1o
11. Punky Punky Party .11
12. Unusal .12

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Lee Hyori - Hey Mr.Big ( Video )

Here is the second video
from The 3rd Lee Hyori Album
" It's Hyorish "
It's Called " Hey Mr Big "
Love the track
Check it out!

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Monday, 22 September 2008

Koda Kumi - Taboo ( Video+Mp3 )

Here is da New Video
From Koda Kumi called " Taboo "
It's her new single about to release da October 8th
talkin bout homosexuality which is Taboo
Check it Out

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