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Monday, 26 January 2009

Koda Kumi - Trick ( Album )

Here is the latest album
from the Queen Koda Kumi
from Japan
called Trick
featuring da singles
That Ain't Cool with Fergie
Show Girl
& Stay With Me
I Love this album
especially the track
" This Is Not A Love Song "

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Oo. Tracklist .oO

o1. Intro Trick .o1
o2. Taboo .o2
o3. Show Girl .o3
o4. Your Love .o4
o5. Stay With Me .o5
o6. This Is Not A Love Song .o6
o7. Driving .o7
o8. Bling Bling Bling .o8
o9. That Aint Cool ( Feat Fergie ) .o9
1o. Hurry Up! .1o
11. Moon Cryin' .11
12. Just The Way You Are .12
13. Joyful .13
14. 愛のことば .14
15. Venus ( English Version ) .15

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