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Friday, 19 December 2008

Da Mouth - 1st Album ( Chinese ) / Merry X-Mas

Here is my X-Mas present for yall
da 1st album
from Da Mouth
a chinese band
with a Hip Hop , R&B , Dance style
Kenjoy it!
and Merry X-Mas Yall

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o1. Intro .o1
o2. Da Now .o2
o3. Puma .o3
o4. Jin Gun Curse .o4
o5. Kobayashi .o5
o6. Always By You .o6
o7. Falling Like Dat .o9
o8. Skit Box .o8
o9. We Wanna Party .o9
1o. Narrow Minded .1o
11. Down .11
12. U're My Angel .12

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