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Thursday, 25 September 2008

DBSK - Mirotic ( Album )

Here is the 4th DBSK korean album
called " Mirotic "
After 2 years waitin , it's finally out
and it worth the wait
it's burna
Just Check it out & enjoy!

PS : the track in yellow are the one
i advise you to listen to first!
( they have a single download link
by clickin on the title )

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o1. Mirotic .o1
o2. Wrong Number .o2
o3. Look... At The Glow .o3
o4. Crazy Love .o4
o5. HEY! Don't Bring Me Down .o5
o6. You're My Song .o6
o7. Rainbow .o7
o8. Paradise .o8
o9. Are You A Good Girl .o9
1o. Flower Lady .1o
11. Jaejong Solo .11
12. Love In The Ice ( Korean Vers. ) .12

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